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Product design at GitHub »

Product design is easily the hardest aspect of building software today. Technology, hiring, funding, aesthetic design, and press are all minuscule in comparison. When I talk about product design I’m referring to the process by which you decide what your product does and does not do. via Pocket

The Foregone Conclusion of the Internet of Things  »

These are descriptions of real objects you can pay real money for. They are written without irony. The objects have no real use case or application; they are effects searching for a clever inventor to create a cause, when there can be none because they are so fucking stupid. via Pocket

Fjord Life »

In Norwegian, Våryr means “spring dizzy”; the word is used to describe what people experience when, after the long, dark winter, the days begin to lengthen. Some of Hans Kristian Riise’s photographs of people on the west coast of Norway exemplify Våryr. via Pocket

Dog Feats Reach New Heights »

Not to brag, but we may have a little genius on our hands. Our 6-month-old is up before dawn playing brain games. She knows her way around an iPad and practically devours puzzles, and I’m teaching her to read. Just recently, she mastered an advanced chess toy. Let me rewind a moment. via Pocket